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Website design is a continually evolving field and it’s important to hire someone who is up to date with the new trends, both in style and functionality. The purpose of your website is to work for you and increase your brand recognition. Your website should be built with the end user in mind, both in functionality and content. Usability is among the top ranking factors for Google and other search engines. If you want a website that performs, contact me!

I offer a variety of website design options, from one page designs to complex business and multiple author blogging platforms. With years of experience designing and constructing websites from start to finish, I can provide you with the expertise needed to achieve the results you want and need in a website for your business. In addition to website design, you can also enlist me to create the content for your website and/or manage your social media networks.

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Web Design Services in Lebanon, New HampshireWebsite design and functionality is essential, but the user experience is what really matters. Having a website that fits the needs of your visitors is what you need. Website visitors are more likely to use a business or service when the business has a website that is easy to navigate and contains easy to find information. Fancy is nice, but best when combined with superb usability!


Website Design Service

How Much Does a Website Cost?

This is a question we answer a lot. There isn’t a ‘set price’ because each website is unique, as it should be. Some websites may need eCommerce solutions for selling products through a payment gateway, while other websites may only need  to provide basic information and a point of contact. As you can see, these two solutions are vastly different and the extent of the work involved reflects those differences.

To give you a ballpark figure, the average cost for a point of contact website which provides basic company information, imagery, social media links and a contact form runs between $900 and $1500, whereas eCommerce solution websites can start in the $2500 range and go up from there, depending on client needs. You can expect to pay an additional $125 per page for additional pages.

What are Registration, Hosting and Maintenance?

Other costs associated with owning a website is domain registration, hosting and maintenance. These three items represent the core makeup of a developed website. You will need a domain (the website URL) and registrar to hold your domain. You will also need a hosting company which maintains the server where your website data is stored.

Registration and Hosting

Unlike the game other web designers play, I won’t tie you down and hold your website hostage for service fees. You can go about it alone, or I can help you register your domain and set up your hosting. Putting the domain name and hosting in your name allows you to have complete control and ownership of your website.

I recommend you use my services to purchase your domain and set up your hosting account. Notice that this will be through the domain registrar website and hosting company, meaning you will own your domain and have access to your hosting provider and all of your website data.


I recommend you acquire services to maintain your website on a monthly basis. I can provide this service for a nominal fee. This is a basic service which assures that all programs and systems are up to date and in proper working order. There are many different programs that are used in website design and one must assure they are functioning properly. Completing updates on a monthly basis is a vital part of keeping your website running smoothly.

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